Born in 1985 in France, she completed her studies at “Ecole Estienne Superieure des Arts Graphiques”, in Paris. In 2003, she moved to Israel to study at “Bezalel Academy of Art & Design” in the Screen Based Arts departments, from which she graduated in 2012. She took part as well in a semester exchange program at the “Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst”, Switzerland. Her films are shown in film festivals around the world and are destined for distributions. Currently based in Vienna, Austria she just completed a new short animated film named "Shaul and Ivan".

2022 Trois bouts de ficelle
In development. Animated series
2019 Shaul and Ivan
Pencils colors on paper. 2D animation, 9 min 40 sec.
2017 Body Stranded
Oil pastel on paper, 2D animation, 9 min 54 sec.
2015 The Wet Hair
Aquarel on paper, 2D animation, mixed-media, 8 min.
2014 Jorinde and Joringel
Puppet animation, 12min.
2011 The Wolf turned Shepherd
Pencil color on papers, 2D animation,8 min.
2010 Gabriel’s Story
Rotoscope and 2D computer animation, 2 min

2021 Liquid Gold
Storyboardist. Berg Hammer Films,AT
202O Ciranda da Praia
Music video. Arara Band, AT
2016 Augen Zu / Performance
Sand animation. Prod Yellow Buoy, Dschungel,AT
2015 Uncanny Valley / Performance
Live animator- Prod.: Kabinett ad Co.,Tanzquartier, AT
2014 Uncanny Valley /Short animated film
Assistant animator, Prod.Kabinett Co./KGP.
2019 "On it's Border Lilies are Growing""
Project in coop with Aniki/ Tumanyan museum of Yerevan, AM
2017 "Hindernisse, Weg-Shaffen"
Project in coop with Aniki/ Jugend am Werk & Neustart
2016 "Grenze I & II"
Project in coop with Aniki/ Haus Liebhartstal
2015"Vor Ort"
Project in coop. with Aniki/ Wiener JugendZentern, AT
2014 Miro Jilo
Project with Roma youth in coop with Ministry of Culture ,SK

Grants & Panel discussions/Jury

2022 Région Île-de-France , script writing grant , FR

2022 Beaumarchais, script writing TV animation prize 2022, FR

2022 Programme TRAME 2022, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

2020 International Jury at the Festival ALEKINO! Poznan,PL
2020 International Jury at the Festival Biennial of Animation Bratislava(BAB)), SK
2020 Interview for OKTSKOP at Okto TV, AT
2020 Guest at Minsk's Pioneer Cinema/Tricky Women program, Bielorussia
2019 Stoptrick/Panel discussion about feminist perspectives on Central-East European animation scene, SLO
2018 Arbeitsstipendium Illustration, BKA, AT